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Ospitalità. Tradizione e Territorio

Historically the “Osteria” were built near the places of transit and commerce to give refreshment to those who, away from home, were looking for a place to sleep or eat something before resuming their journey.

Only later did the taverns also become a meeting point for local communities. References to “Osterie” are found in countless works of literature and theater, and the innkeeper always appears there as a figure placed at the service of travelers and the community almost more by vocation than by simple profession.

The host could be many things: adviser, confidant, friend … Good wine was always the central element around which everyone else revolved: simple and genuine food, sometimes even improvised, frugal rooms, card games, laughter …

The “Osteria Nuova” was born a few steps from the Turin Porta Nuova station, based, like the oldest “Osterie”, on an idea of simple cuisine, linked to tradition and the territory, but above all on the idea of hospitality in a place where reigns serenity: we want you, your families and your friends to feel like you are at home. Today we are becoming one of the points of reference for the Turinese and for travelers who like us appreciate simplicity, friendliness and the desire to feel good in company.


We can boast a unique and suggestive location, divided on two floors with different characteristics.

Entering our “Osteria”, you find our social table made from a single slab of marble, the best place for an aperitif!

The rest of first floor is inspired by a domestic environment, comfortable and able to make our guests feel immediately at ease.

Going down the suggestive iron staircase you get instead to our “infernot”, or the old cellars characterized by exposed bricks, the floor is divided into different communicating rooms.


Our location on two floors divided into different areas is ideal for hosting events of various kinds, both private, such as birthday parties or graduations, and corporate dinners .

We offer different solutions, not only dinners, but also aperitifs or standing dinners, suitable for all tastes and all needs.


If you want to amaze the person you love with a romantic dinner, book our privè, where you can enjoy your candlelight dinner in maximum privacy

Privé Osteria Nuova
Privé Osteria Nuova

Happy hour

From 18:30 every day you can forget the stress and enjoy an aperitif with our delicious snacks

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